Jaywears- Coat: Topman, Top: Ksubi, Skirt: THP, Shoes: Senso, Watch: The Fifth, Bracelet: Jolie & Deen, Sunnies: Valley Eyewear, Bag: Naked Vice

I (Jay) am so in love with this sweater skirt!! You can wear it high waisted going out or you could pull it down onto the hips & wear longer for a more causal look. Perfectly teamed with a basic tee & some sneakers for an every day look. A big thank you to THPSHOP.


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I (Alex) was lucky enough to visit Tokyo a couple of weeks back. It was my second time there, and as Tokyo is one of my all time favourite cities in the world I had an absolute ball so I thought I’d share some of my favourite outfits/photos from the trip. Any one who has never been, and who is thinking of going I would say book your ticket tomorrow! The shopping is insane, I visited Monki in Harajuku twice and could barely carry the bags home both times. Stores like Comme De Garçons on nearly every corner make things very tempting, I managed to hold back on blowing my entire trip allowance and walked away with a beautiful all black leather pouch as seen in the photos above, as well as a beautiful Maison Margiela fragrance, a new pair of Adidas’ and a few bits and bobs from Opening Ceremony as well as a few vintage finds from the many amazing thrift stores. Aside from the shopping the food is insane, and very cheap. Mori Art Meausuem was an also a highlight with the ‘simple forms’ exhibition showing lots of beautiful minimal art – right up my alley.