We recently were lucky enough to be able to try YOUFOODZ food delivery service and boy were we impressed! We have to be honest, we are both super busy and usually only cook when we really HAVE to, not because we want to. YOUFOODZ was the perfect match for us as its healthy, fresh and most importantly super tasty food delivered direct to your door. You have the option of simply picking out of their massive variety of dishes and snacks on their site, or even better, you can choose an entire weekly meal plan, including breakfast, lunch & dinner options. They even chuck in healthy, protein packed snacks in to help you stay on track. But just to be clear, this isn’t a diet program, this is simply, fresh, healthy, balanced, scrumptious food delivered straight to your door. Keep it in the fridge and heat it however you like and you have a proper meal that tastes like its home made by Mum! Our fave? The Curry Chicken Pot Pie off their winter menu, it was so good we had to go back and order more! Dinner = Sorted.

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